Sunday, February 7, 2010

This post is going to suck mostly because its 1:42 and I need sleep but I also need to update

I think the title of this blogpost pretty much says it all. I got really busy studying/superbowling/screaming at the TV/ working on my webcomic and completely slacked off on writing the most for tonight.

Yeah. So basically there will be two posts for today/tomorrow/whatever day this post gets classified as.

I promise lots ridiculous insanity is on the way when I recount the events of my weekend. I just do not have the capacity to relay it right now.

The only significant news I really can convey is that I FINALLY have the first comic in my webcomic up.

I found a really neat webcomic hosting place. You can find my comic here.

The strip is called Rated R for Ridiculous. Har har, I know I am amazing.

Also what the ell there is a creepy moving plasticized humanoid robot with a vacuum as a penis. In fact, he just called it his groinal socket. Apparently he can attach hedge clippers too. I am fucking confused and mortified. Alright. Time for sleeping now.


Shakes McGee said...

Thank you for the fix! I have been waiting patiently, but I have ADD, so it has been difficult. Going to check out your comic in the mean time! I hope you get rested up. Mostly for selfish reasons. I want to be entertained. DANCE! Sorry, lack of communication with the outside world is causing my social skills to deteriorate at and alarming pace.

Subatomic Tomato said...

You are most definitely welcome. You cannot even imagine the proportion my ego swells to every time you comment. I think that you are one of the biggest reasons that my ego is getting so much bigger and thus contributing significantly to global warming.

Good job at killing the environment. Jerk.

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