Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am so pro that I put the pro in procrastination



Right. So basically I have not updated. That would be because SCHOOL IS KICKING MY ASS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yeah. ALL OVER.

This is definitely divine retribution for when I was all "LYK LOLOL I HAVE AN EZ SEMESTER GAIS" before the semester started. Fucking. Mistake. I am now learning that taking non-Biology classes entails FAR more work than I thought was even possible.

I have HOMEWORK. What kind of self-respecting college professor gives homework? (Do not answer that question.)

Blah. Okay. So quick update on stuff that has been happening in my life while I have not been here.

1. Leo (the guy who got my mom preggers with me) randomly started contacting me again. This is the first time in about 10 years that I have been talking to him. Believe it or not I am being totally benevolent and talking to him and trying to be all forgiving and Christ like and blah blah blah. Long story short that shit is HARD. I keep typing stuff like "Yeah. I am really sorry about that even though you are a sorry bastard who was not in my life..." and then I have to backspace. It takes me about an hour to write these emails. But he has cancer, apparently, so I cannot really ignore him. That would be a total bitch move.

2. My cousin started DNB Entertainment. He wants to be a talent manager, and like I typed about two seconds ago, started a company. He has some tracks out (I think), and has asked me to record some stuff for him. I might be famous. FANFUCKINGTASTIC. Notoriety and attention is what I crave, afterall.

3. School is a bitch, and I recently decided that ACU is not the place I should be at, but I am kind of a JENIOR (Junior Senior Hybrid thing) so it would be super retarded for me to change schools at this point. So basically I am just going to make the most of my time here while quietly (or not so quietly) mocking and protesting everything I dislike about my university. Needless to say, I will be choosing Grad Schools WAAAAAAY more carefully.

4.The Murder Mystery is going well.

5. I should be doing homework right now, but instead I am writing this blogpost.

Alright. So I am going to do my Elementary Statistics (GAG ME) homework now. The only reason this class is even slightly redeemable, just in case you were wondering, is because I have the most awesome professor ever, who coincidentally used to be my counselor. CRAZY? I THINK SO.


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Ahahaha, the mythical "easy semester"...also, ewwww statistics

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