Sunday, September 13, 2009

Facebook made my Chinese roomate think I'm a serial killer.

So here is the deal: I suck at updating.

Now that we have that out of the way, I have important stuff to talk about.

Okay, the importance of what I'm about to say is debatable, but whatever. Semantics, my dear Watson.

Right. So I've been crazy busy doing stuff for the past ten years. And by ten years, I mean however long it's been since I updated.

School started, and with it came a bunch of responsibilities.

Did I tell any of you how the university let me be responsible for a bunch of impressionable freshmen?

.... I'll take that outraged look as a no.

That's right POOMSOSA, I'm influencing freshmen. BWAHAH. So far I haven't done anything too insane. Except maybe told one of them that a raptor would eat them if they didn't study. Surprisingly enough, they didn't believe me. 19 year olds are not as impressionable as six year olds. Who would have guessed.


I'm also teaching a section of the freshmen Biology lab again this year.


One of my students told me that some former students called me a really mean and hard TA.


....Right. So my iPod is on shuffle, and a song called Knife Fight just came one. Some of the lyrics, I kid you not, are: "I'm gonna cut you, swish swish swish.... I'm gonna make you bleed copious amounts." I think I just found a new theme song for life.

Okay. Okay. There's so much I need to get across in this post! GAH!

So the basic point of all my rambling is that I have three jobs and classes and I'm in another show this semester. Hurray! I love being busy.

Okay. So Eric just walked into my house yelling "Don't be naked!" LOL Gay guys. Most of my friends would probably walk in yelling "PLEASE BE NAKED."

Just kidding guys, if you actually do that I will cut your head off.

Alright, so another random thing happened in my life: I got a Chinese roomate who is actually FROM CHINA.

At first I was like "Oh God. A roomate I don't know."

Then I got glared at by a bunch of my friends and people I know because I'm Christian and I'm supposed to give everyone a chance and love them (but I don't actually have to like them, so it's totally okay. Haha JK Jesus, please don't smite me).

Okay I probably shouldn't say JK to Jesus....

Right. Chinese roomate.

So yeah, I ended up accepting her and being like "HELL YEAH! I get to learn stuff about a new culture! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!"

And is it?

NO! Wendy NEVER comes out of her room, and she doesn't speak English very well. I really want to get to know her better, for serious, but I think she's scared of me or something, though I can't imagine why. ......

Okay maybe I can, but I try really really really hard not to scare her.

Oka... there was this one time she walked in when I was in the middle of screaming at my new computer because Facebook was being retarded and kept interrupting me typing in another window every time someone messaged me, and that might have scared her, but it WAS NOT MY FAULT. Facebook was being EFFTARDED and kept interrupting me! GAH! How was I supposed to know she was going to walk in at that moment?

Hell, does that weird Facebook thing happen to anyone else? Because it really pisses me off. Cause I talk to like, a thousand people at once, so they're constantly messaging me.

And this time that Wendy walked in, I was trying to write a really important email and every ten seconds people would message me and make me have to click the Facebook tab and then click back to the email, which normally isn't so bad, but when you have to do it every nano second you kinda get upset and the next thing you know you're screaming "I WILL CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF AND FEED THEM TO A DEAD PORCUPINE IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP MESSAGING ME!" at your computer, and then your Chinese roomate walks in and looks at you like you're a monster and never speaks to you again.


P.S. Roomate is totally a word. Suck my left toe Blogspot spell checker.

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Joyce said...

Wow I am missing all kinds of fun. Just do not torture your room mate until I get back.

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