Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No, I'm not having a love affair with my space bar.

So I'm completely aware that I haven't updated this blog in like, three million years. This is a lot less than last time. Hurray.

Right. Serious business.

I decided that blogging every single day was a little bit much because I'm completely lazy busy. Also, who wants to read every day. This is America, not Readmerica. Duh.

So I'm going to start posting three times a week, probably on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I say probably because it will might change.

Also, before you say anything, I know it's Tuesday so that last sentence is kind of extraneous.

Sticklers. God.

Right. Also, in another announcement-y type thing: It has come to my attention that some people who read this blog think that I make out with my space bar at random times during posting. This is entirely totally not true. My thumb totally is isn't a pregnant ho.

HINT: If you highlight the random gaping holes between words, you might find secrets.


Just to warn you, there will be two posts today. This lame announcement one, and then one chronicling my adventures with a bust stop crack addict, staying up all night, a graduate school preparation seminar, and other shenanigans.


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