Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I may or may not be a little insensitive

I'm pretty sure the hallucinogenic drugs creativity in the air of my room has run out for the day, so I'm just going to post a bunch of blurbs from my trolling adventure on a Meebo chat room where morons people go to roleplay and stuff.

I'm Locke (the philosopher, not the guy from Lost). No names were changed to protect the idiots innocent.

Ookami(male)-||belongs to Crow||: What's with the kids crawling around..
[12:20] Locke: There are kids running around? GAWD! I need to put my spiky tap dance shoes on.
[12:20] Locke: Just kidding. I would never do that to a child.
[12:20] Locke: Probably.

12:22] Sharoe Heo[age 1 and1/2]~ Elemental Baby~Needs Parents~: (im bad at speling)
[12:22] Locke: (I won't hold it against you. )
[12:22] Locke: (That was a lie.)

[12:24] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: -back is covered in blood again-
[12:24] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: -falls to the ground-
[12:24] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: -sobbing into the ground-
[12:24] Locke: Hey bloody teenager, you might want to get up. I bet there are some "vampires" in here.

[12:24] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): *Tatsuya: -sobbing-

[12:31] Locke: Oi, can I bottle your tears and sell them on Ebay?

[12:33] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: -bleeding-
[12:33] Locke: Oi, it looks like you're bleeding.
[12:34] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: well.....-sob- yeah.......obviously -sob-

[12:34] Locke: You should stop that. I heard it's bad for your health.

[12:34] Hanabi (2) (orphan) (half-vamp): Tatsuya: -goes back to sobbing into the floor-

[12:48] Beta Sam(The Samurai Soul Reaper)(Black's Kouen and Heartless's Bro)(Zio's son)(loves Vee)(in Shadows pack): Its not rape...
[12:49] Locke: It's surprise sex!

(I realize that the last blurb can be taken out of context, but no one had claimed to have been raped or anything. A bunch of people made the same joke. Before you ask, YES I would jump off a bridge if everyone else did. I would just be intelligent and use a bungee cable.

[12:53] Naiyu [little slave girl] ~needs a master~ Looking for a love~: *hugs knees* my last master accidentally fell into a lake and got electrocuted to death because he had a cattle prod with him....

[12:49] Locke: LMFAO! BAD ASS!

Yeah. I'm totally insensitive.

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